Live like a child

There is a difference between living like a child and being childish. Try to put away the judgements, the grudges you have kept so deep in your soul. Remember , in the world beyond , nothing else than these matter. Hell is nothing but a state of mind . If you don’t want yourself to experience hell than why burn in the fire of jealousy , anger and prejudices . Are people so important that you hold on to this kind of hell because of them. What they got in this birth is result of how they had acted in their previous lives. If they are doing wrong now ..Allah will make it even. Why do you bother about their acts. Just focus on your acts ..your thoughts. Your Sai wants you to look at world without filters of your conditioning once again. Yes, avoid people who drain you out. But don’t hate people, judging them uselessly. Use that time in building yourself good.

I know you will heed to my advice .