Don’t expect too much

My dear child , I will tell you a secret .. you see how I stayed at peace . I expected less. I know it’s hard but you can do this. Expect less and you will feel calm . When you do something , just remember you are not doing them any favour .. you are clearing away your debts from past live births to get freedom . The more the debt , the more you do for others . But if you expect them to feel indebted , it won’t be good for you too. Just repeat this in your mind again and again .. you are here for yourself are doing what you can for yourself . The other thoughts will arise but use my name to drive them away. Maybe you don’t believe me but I just want to help you .I have got nothing else my dear . People abused me and blamed me of ulterior motives when all I wanted was to help them . So , it’s on them dear , how they think. You don’t let them treat you bad neither let yourself react harshly . Chant Hanuman Chalisa before going to bed.It will keep your bad thoughts away and you will find it easy to accept them as they are.