Don’t be afraid of your future

My dear child , I speak only truth sitting here in dwarkamaayi . You need not fear your future. Don’t you remember my words .. “There will never be any dearth of food and clothes in my devotee’s home.” It means , anyhow you will never face problem of basic necessities . I command all the elements and I will always look after you be it now or any next birth . Your Sai will help you find your dream job. Just start lighting a Diya daily in someone’s life . You can feed a cow or dog or put grains or water for birds. You can feed some Street child or teach children around you . Give out your old clothes to someone in need. Or just clear your accounts and debts you are carrying slowly . Touch your father and mother’s feet daily and ask for your elders blessings . You can do what you easily can . Your future is good my child . I promise .