Do you know me?

Dear you always say , you trust Sai believe in me . Do you really know me bcche ? I will never want you to hurt someone .. I will never want you to support truth by putting a sword into them . You remember , I took jauhar Ali as my guru while everyone kept discarding him because they felt he is not my guru. I took his lies to be true to show him kindness . Because only kindness and love can truly change a person. If a person is angry and uses lies to hide himself , to save himself , you should know how much pain he is keeping inside him that made him like this . Your anger will further push him into the deeper pit. S(he) is not ready yet . Just give them time dear. Just let them be . Don’t hate , don’t rebuke . If you doubt yourself ever that you are on the right path or not then remember these words ” If you are kind .. you are always right.” I will help them change . Just pray and love dear .Just pray and love!