A special friend

She entered the home as usually she did after school. Her shoulders and back would be hurting and her eyes would be sleepy . On the top of that , if she did not find her favourite dish in lunch , homework became more drenching.

But today , something was different. She entered her room and put her bag. Suddenly the call of her newly found friend started …” Mehh mehh “. The tiredness , the worries of school… all were wiped away and a smile rose on her little face. 

She ran into the open courtyard in the back of her home and found her friend as desperately waiting for her as she waited for a sunday .

She took his face in her arms and rubbed his head ..”How are you kittu?” There was no particular name for her friend . As she thought it would make her emotionally attached to him . And she knew this friend was with her.. just for a few days .

She got to keep him on two conditions : 1. That she won’t distract from her studies because of him . And 2nd that she won’t question or resist when it would be time to take him away. Soo many conditions to get a pure friendship. 

Though kittu”s vocabulary was not so vast, he used one or two words from unrecognisable language but she understood that he was saying “I am happy that you are back from school . I felt alone.  No one around here talks much like you.” 

“Yah , it must be hard on you. Now forget it .. look what I got for you .”

Her eyes twinkled as if she could decode the taste of those leaves from her friend’s taste  receptors.

” I know you are a foodie like me . I am tired of the boring food . I need Maggi sometimes. So do you.😊 ” 

His eyes glowed at the look of pomegranate leaves . And it took 5 seconds to finish a bunch of them.

“Are ! it’s enough dear . Don’t feed him these leaves. He would end up having loose motions. ” Her mom was literally a spy. No matter how much she hid something .. mom would know. 


Days went by , her “kittu” would be “bhindi” someday … Or “mimna” the other day. She couldn’t stop laughing how he ran faster than her when some dogs chased them. He was very smart. Sometimes they played “hide and seek” but he always found her.

“You are not a dog then how come you find me everytime ?..tell me Maggi. Can I call you Maggi ? ” 

“Mehhh ” 

“Is it yes mehh or no mehh. ” 


“Ok just mehhh.” 😊


“Beta , bhaiya is coming tomorrow to take him away. Ok! ” 

“Ok ” she pretended to be okay but she was far from it. 

“You knew it , now why are you sad dear!” Her mind was asking her some stupid questions .

She went in her room and stared blankly .. for a few minutes .

“I just want to spend some time with him alone . Will you please let me.. God.” 

It was her study time and she feared her mom would catch her with him and scold her for breaking the rule. 

So, she placed her innocent request in front of the highest power she knew…or she heard of.

It was 6:30 pm ..and shades of dark could be seen in the sky . Mom- dad went for a walk and her sister went to her tution . Her grandmother was next door with her friend. She was alone studying.

Suddenly ,lights went out . She lit a candle, mom always kept nearby their puja almirah. At the same moment.. she heard something … “Meh meh ..” 

“Ohh you are scared too.” 

She felt scared to go into the open angan but yes , she has to .. her friend was there calling for her .

She took her candle and silently sat near him .. keeping her right arm over his neck.

And they sat ..just being there .. silently. She caressed his forehead with her fingers. And he closed his eyes. 

A few minutes went by when mom came back and she knocked the main gate.

Obviously, her meeting time was over now . 

” Bye kittu goodnight.” 


“You are sure you don’t wanna see him last time? Your bhaiya is taking him away for Eid sacrifice .” Mom was after all not so cold hearted . She offered her daughter to meet her special friend last time . 

“No ”  was all she could say and she ran inside and pretended to watch TV.. while her mind said “Goodbye , if God willed we will surely meet again my kittu. Love you.”  

She was very sensitive but she behaved like a stone sometimes. What made her do such things was far from her own understanding. 

She missed her friend alot .. and after that she did not have any “pet” for her . Her studies became the sole object of her existence . 


15 years later 

“Bhabhi I got a puppy , you wanna look . We named him Casper . ” Shiven seemed so happy announcing about the new homie he got . 

“Yes , yes we will meet him soon.” 

She was all grown up now ..married . Still away from pets. And this year was much important for her career.. like the last so many years.

Casper was a cute puppy. After a few months , he started running . And in his running he found his way to her room. She and her husband played a few times with him. But mostly preferred to keep him away from them.

A few months passed .Her exams were over now . She now had some spare time.

One leisurely day she found herself playing  with Casper . Ohh ! he felt like someone known. 

“Are you crazy ? How can Casper be him!” 

Her mind was fighting with itself.

Don’t know why she was reminded of kittu after so many years . And why with Casper? 

“Ohh it’s just my imagination.” 

“What if it’s true ? “

 She closed her eyes and asked to the same power again .. “God , if he is the same .. make him sit in my lap .” 

 Next moment , Casper who was running around , suddenly came and sat in her lap ..calmly .

Her eyes grew serene and she felt a wave of chills .

She reflexively put her hand on his back and said in her mind “I am sorry for not seeing you last time . I am sorry if I hurt you with my behaviour. May you live long and happy .You are always my beloved . God bless you . “

Her heart felt lighter . Casper slept .Maybe his too.


“I do believe he is kittu only. And we met again !😍” She was happy.

But her heart was still merged in the mystery behind this feeling.

 “God, can’t I get one more sign for this ?please”

She forgot about her little chat when she saw her elder brother calling on her cell. She received and he talked about so many things… God and Krishna and his life . And suddenly he said something that made her hold her breath for a few seconds .

” And a kiddo and her little lamb raced when dogs chased them . ” 

His words wiped away all her doubts . Why he talked about that incident suddenly today. . after so many years ..while she thought , her brother did not know of that incident. 

Her brother was still on phone . She laughed on his joke..while she looked in the sky and said “Thank you !” silently.

Published by Saikya

I am a blogger by passion and a doctor by pesha (profession)😊 Fond of Shirdi Saibaba and his teachings. Love singing and dancing. I believe we all have a purpose for our life. May I be of some use for humanity while in Sai's feet.

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