“A morning of faith “

 “Get ready beta otherwise we will miss the train!” Mom’s words were rushing out of her mouth with the same speed she was moving in the house . Intended to pack everything ..every stuff actually but in her mind were thoughts of packing her kids too. “That way , they won’t trouble me by not getting ready on time.. ” 


Her muttering stopped when she was interrupted by her youngest kid. 

“Yes , tell now what are you not able to find in the chaos of your almirah.” Her words as plain and blunt as her face . 

“How horrible is this , I have to worry about everything .. all the time .” Her thoughts seem to pass the interruption anyway .

“It’s not about clothes .. you should come with me and see .”

“Where? You want to show me your new pet ..some bird you found . Listen to me carefully .. it’s not the time for all this rubbish. It’s 6:15 already and you know what, train leaves at  6:30. I don’t want that scenario to be repeated.” And her mind took her to the day when her husband missed the train at one halt and she lived next one and half hour in severe trauma with her infant child ..alone ..illiterate in a train..feeling helpless.

“Are! will you atleast listen to me .We are all ready . But papa..” 

“What about papa ? I knew this man can never do anything on time. Now what? he is still there in towel?”

“No, he is all ready . But you don’t listen at all.  He is..”

“I will see what he is doing to make us miss this train again. ” And she quickly put away the parathas she was packing and paced towards their bedroom .

Dad sat in front of the small Mandir placed on a stone rack inbuilt in the wall of the room and had his eyes closed .He seemed peaceful until ofcourse .. 🤭

” You are ready ? Have you sent sunny to call auto?” Mom was happy to find him all set to go .. just his shoes were missing.

“Yes , I have sent him. But..”

“But what ? You forgot something ? Let me remind you .. your toothbrush .. your undergarments .. your wallet ..what else. Have you kept the medicines for mom. And yes that saree I gave you for Tara .” 

“Yes .. yes calm down and sit for a while.”

“Ohh no .. auto will arrive ..where is the time to sit now ! I will pack the parathas .” 

Mom went away .

Mom had a furious character .. while father seemed calm ..mostly.

3 minutes passed , auto was parked outside the main entrance .

“Yes .. come on kids .. put the luggage inside.” 

And everything was ready . “What is taking so long ?” Mom’s patience was  going nuts as father was missing .

She entered the room and found father in the same posture she left .

“Are! don’t we have to go? It’s getting late . Train doesn’t wait like bus ..you know it better. What do you want now?”

“Listen .. wait ..we will reach on time.I know.Trust me .sit .”

“Your papa went crazy ..” mom went out muttering whatever she could to calm her nerves. 

She was really angry but rightnow father’s conviction seemed firm.

Dabbu came inside the room as her curiousity couldn’t let her sit inside auto.

“Papa , aren’t we having a train to catch? “

“Yes beta . But you don’t need to worry . You see that Diya .. it’s lit na?”

Dabbu nodded her head in “yes”

“So, when it’s over we will start for station. As it’s still lit we will stay here.” 

“Ohh lord it seems papa went crazy .. but I do believe you will not let us miss the train for sure . Please don’t ” she closed her little eyes to pray big.

 Her mind was finding it difficult to go near mom and face the awkwardness of dispute between mom and dad. She preferred to lock herself in her room at such times . But , now every room was locked ,so she sat near dad to wait . 

She observed all the pictures placed in the Mandir .. there were local dieties ,a picture of lord Shiva , maa Parvati and lord ganesha . A small badge of Saibaba from her last school.

Yes, she missed her school but it’s not a bad school either . She has got new friends . She promised to meet them on her birthday this year . As her birthday always came in summer vacation and nobody could meet her she mostly stayed in her hometown on that day. 

“This time , I will come here earlier and spend the day with mini.” She planned .

“What time is it ?”.. she looked at the wall clock ..it was 6:40 .

“Ohho God today we will miss it.” She dared not to speak .

And the flame of the Diya started to take its last breaths and was exhausted finally . Father wore his shoes and tied them perfectly . 

He went out locked the room and main entrance of the house and ignoring mom’ s comments sat inside the auto.

Dabbu was praying whole time .

They entered the junction ..when they reached platform , train was just approaching seeing which a smile appeared on everyone’s face.

“See , we didn’t miss it .” Father exclaimed .

“Thank you God soo much , I promise I will study in vacation too.” 😊

-jai sai-

Published by Saikya

I am a blogger by passion and a doctor by pesha (profession)😊 Fond of Shirdi Saibaba and his teachings. Love singing and dancing. I believe we all have a purpose for our life. May I be of some use for humanity while in Sai's feet.

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